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Custom Full Wall Mirrors

Mirror Specialties > Custom Full Wall Mirrors

Beveled Diamond Blocks
Interior Specialties started as City of Mirrors in 1969, a busy time for custom wall mirrors such as this job. Our expert technicians can install this classic in your home for a reasonable price.

Mirror Panel Jacuzzi Surround
This master bath suite features precision cut mirror panels with high polished and sealed edges. Long service life is assured with domestically produced Guardian Industries' UltraMirrorTM.

Roman Simplicity
Interior Specialties originated the Simplicity design years ago by overlaying small decorative mirrors on the large mirror panels. In this design the overlays are made to resemble a Roman column. Many varieties of Simplicity are available, or create your own.

Simplicity Double Wall
A six inch beveled overlay is used here to create a dimensional effect in this contemporary setting. This timeless design can also be done with narrower overlays to create a different effect.

Butted Beveled Panels and Strips
Note the bronze mirror in contrast with the smaller clear beveled mirror panels. A variety of tints is available both in mirror and glass.

Beveled Blocks over a Fireplace
A classic retro look in a modern setting. This style of mirrors has been used since the 18th century!

Ceiling Mirrors
Create an effect and make a statement with custom mirrors installed on the ceiling and soffett. Many applications for ceiling mirrors are possible. Interior Specialties technicians are trained in proper techniques to ensure a secure installation.

Millenium Deco Simplicity Panels
Overlay combinations have been used here to create this interesting design shown in a restaurant setting. The accent pieces have been made in grey mirror, other available colors include bronze, black, blue, peach and of course clear mirror.

Roman Arch Mirrors
This classic from the 70's was a staple for City of Mirrors. We still get many requests for this style today. The headpieces and legs are available in antique mirror, a costly but unique accent. Additional antique mirror choices can be viewed here. Shown here in bronze mirror, a more cost effective treatment.

Simplicity Panels with Grey Overlays
A 4" wide grey mirror beveled overlay covers the seams of the large clear panels in this entry foyer. The crown molding shows nicely in this application.

Art Deco Simplicity
The clear on clear look plays well in this setting. The overlay combination consists of 2" beveled mirror pieces. The bottom of the smaller overlay pieces is also beveled for a professional look. Note the spacious, airy feeling created by this custom mirror installation.

Beveled Art Deco Arch
Simple clean lines are featured here. Most styles shown here are best installed professionally by Interior Specialties trained technicians. We offer free estimates, and if you have a sketch of your area, fax or e-mail it to our office for the best price.

Butt Mirror panels in a Gym
Any home gym can be mirrored very economically. Here the application includes base to ceiling mirrors, however they may start up from the base and stop short of the ceiling. Interior Specialties also services commercial gyms.

Mirrored Kitchen Backsplash
Amplify the light and create the illusion of more counter space with this treatment. Standard outlet and switch covers are replaced with mirrored covers for the best look.

Enhance your living space
Consider a plain mirrored wall in your living room as a design element. Light is amplified and space is doubled. Mirror seams are professionally polished using our in house machinery. Note the mirrored vent cover shown in the top right corner.

Continental Simplicity
The geometry of a diamond has been combined with that of a rectangle to create this mirror style. Create your own style with geometric shapes!

Beveled Bronze Diagonal Beveled strips
Make a statement in your foyer. Interesting lighting effects are created as light bounces off the beveled edges. The bronze color complements earth tones. Use clear mirror for a brighter effect.

Mirrored Ribbon shelf job
Interior Specialties also does glass shelf combinations with mirror. The polished edge glass shelves float between mirror layers in this alcove. A strong installation is created with this method. Inquire about specialty glass options or check elsewhere on our website.

Chevron Diagonal Beveled strips
Many creative designs can be achieved using beveled strips. This look can also be combined with plain mirror panels. Ask Interior Specialties about your creative idea or combination style.