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Vanity Mirrors

These beautiful mirrors will light up any room.

Vanity Mirrors: Frameless | Framed

Vanity Mirrors > Frameless

Vanity Mirrors
Vanity Mirrors Frameless

Vanity Mirrors > Framed

Vanity Mirrors Framed
Custom Wall Mirrors

Enhance your surroundings with these sophisticated mirrors.  Only by Interior Specialties.

Custom Wall Mirrors: Blocks | Glass Shelves | Panels | Strips

Custom Wall Mirrors
Custom Wall Mirrors Blocks

Custom Wall Mirrors > Glass Shelves

Custom Wall Mirrors Glass Shelves
Custom Wall Mirrors Panels
Custom Wall Mirrors Strips
Mirror Doors

Accentuate your entrance with these sophisticated doors.

Mirror Doors: BiFold | French | Sliding

Mirror Doors > BiFold

Mirror Doors
Mirror Doors BiFold

Mirror Doors > French

Mirror Doors French

Mirror Doors > Sliding

Mirror Doors Sliding
Antique Mirrors

       There's nothing like an Interior Specialties Antique.

Antique Mirrors: Antiques

Antique Mirrors > Antiques

Antique Mirrors
Antique Mirrors Antiques
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