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Check here for features lists and documentation for Interior Specialties products.

Interior Specialties Product Information

Important product information is provided by both Interior Specialties and our suppliers.  We provide documentation for the features, benefits, and precautions associated with your particular installed product.


Detailed specification sheets are available for download.

Supplier Links

Detailed information on our suppliers is provided below.

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Product Information and Specifications

Product Information

Typical Frameless Shower Sweeps & Seals

Standard Acrylic Mirror Plates

Tekon Brochure

Tekon A Product Information Sheet

Tempered Mirror Characteristics and Limitations

ShowerGuard Information

Anti-Staining Comparison - Tekon vs. ShowerGuard

Primary Mirror Fasteners

Heat Treated Glass Surfaces Advisory

Specifications Documents

Specifications for ShelfTECH and Load Guidelines

ShelfTECH Specifications Sheet

ASTM 1036 Specification for Flat Glass Quality

ASTM 1048 Specification for Heat Treated Flat Glass

Specifications for 501 TS CAT II Vinyl Safety Back Mirror

Supplier Links
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